CRAFT versatile makeup artist | grooming | hair styling | assist

EXPERIENCE lifestyle | fashion | portraits/headshots

INSTAGRAM @helenparkmakeupdesign
PHONE 805.294.8365
HOME Los Angeles, CA 

TRAVEL yes, definitely for either domestic or international 

GOAL client focused makeup artist | grooming | hair stylist, attracted to challenging and fulfilling work in an environment that provides opportunities to create fulfilling work and develop collaborative relationships.

MAKEUP PHILOSOPHY don't cover, discover!

ME food/nature/dog lover, especially my fur baby #thehildamydog inspired by colors & textures, repurposer, lister, student for life, crusader against functional fixedness, moved by acts of compassion, love, courage and hope

Working side by side with talented folks like amazing educator and hair/makeup professional, Regina Clifton at Portland Fashion Week 2015.

Artists can't work without their tools ... 

One of the reasons I love my job is working with beautiful folks, inside and out ...

... and the key to success in this game is always be prepared!